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Advancing Tradecraft.  Advancing the Mission.


Solutions for nongovernment clients
Fortune 1000 Companies
Vetting C-Suite candidates and board members
Investigating insider threats 
Mitigating foreign and corporate IP espionage
Supporting M&A through enhanced due diligence
Protecting brand reputation online and offline

Small Businesses
Red teaming and blue teaming to assess security vulnerability
Conducting sensitive HR investigations
Investigating theft, fraud, and corruption
Locating lost or stolen assets

High Net-worth Individuals
Investigating threats against individual, family members, or business
Mitigating cybersecurity and exposure concerns
Advising, training, and assisting private security

Litigation and dispute resolution
Identifying, locating, and vetting, key witnesses online and offline
Conducting asset tracing and assisting with recovery overseas
Collecting and analyzing raw information for use as evidence
Providing expert testimony or vetting expert witnesses
Analyzing links and conflicts of interests among witnesses, jurors, and parties

Who we are
The DarkStar Intelligence teams are selected from subject matter expects in: Research, Investigations, Operations and Training.
We leverage decades of real world intelligence work to provide critical solutions to both the Government and Private Industry.
We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients are given an unfair advantage. Whether over an adversary or your competition. 

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