Who we are
Our teams are comprised of subject matter experts in: Research, Investigations, Operations and Training.
We leverage decades of real world experience to provide critical solutions to both the Government and Private Industry.
We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients are given an unfair advantage, whether over an adversary or your competition. 
What We Do
Whether we contract to a large US government agency, conduct investigations on behalf of a Fortune 500 CEO, or support enhanced discovery for litigation teams, our goal is always the same: We help our clients reduce uncertainty, mitigate risk, and make decisions. 
We apply our decades of experience to conduct thorough investigations using traditional and cutting-edge data sources. We work with our clients to identify their questions, and then we answer them.  We always deliver intelligence that is useful, contextualized, and polished. 
We inject creative thinking into every step of the process. On day one, we strategize new ways to approach our clients’ problems. We answer our client's unique questions through innovative and iterative applications of intelligence collection tools and techniques.  Our final products, briefings, or testimony are thorough, eloquent, and original. No cookie-cutter consulting presentations from DarkStar! 
International Expertise
Our deep knowledge of foreign affairs gives us a unique perspective when serving government and commercial clients alike. We have government-trained and native linguists on staff, and we conduct our own language and cultural immersion courses.
Tradecraft Development and Training
We have experience with training intelligence professionals for US agencies, and that unique skill translates to our work with commercial clients as well. You can count on us to be great communicators, organized project managers, and creative counselors. 
Professional Ethics
Our company is rooted in military and government service, and we bring that ethical code of conduct with us to every client. Ethical conduct guides how we run our business and our intelligence investigations. We only work with clients whose ethical standard matches our own, and we have a professional obligation to deliver unbiased intelligence to all our clients. 

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