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Advancing Tradecraft.  Advancing the Mission.

DARK STAR  (noun)  /därk stär/

    1. A powerful, but hidden celestial body

    2. An invisible star, whose existence can only be            seen by the influence it exerts on other stars
The core4

DarkStar Intelligence’s philosophy is centered around four core values:
Humility, Passion, Agility, and Ownership.

The CORE4, as they are known, 
are the traits that successful DarkStar Intelligence personnel exhibit.

We strive to cultivate these values in our employees, 
as they have proven time and again
to result in team cohesion, high productivity, 
and satisfaction both for the client and the employee. 

Subordinating personal prominence to the team and mission. 

DarkStar personnel perform their work to 
the best of their ability, in order to advance the mission. 

“It isn’t that you should think less of yourself, 
it is that you should think about yourself less.”

The sensation of compelling enthusiasm and intense curiosity, 
towards problem solving and execution. 

DarkStar personnel continuously strive 
to develop and implement tradecraft in new ways.
DarkStar personnel exhibit a desire to increase 
their subject matter expertise through scholarship and experimentation.
The ability to think and act effectively 
regarding interpersonal relationships and changing mission requirements. 

Agile individuals are interpersonally adept 
and have both good judgment and intuition 
around the subtleties of group dynamics. 

They are proactive to infer likely mission needs 
and quick to effectively respond to new mission parameters.  

Taking responsibility, to step in and step up, to try and solve any problem. 

This also includes an expectation for DarkStar personnel 
to hold themselves accountable to get the job done.


DarkStar Intelligence is committed to providing program and contract management to meet customer requirements.  DarkStar continually strives to improve its services to our clients.

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